Saturday, March 31, 2007

End of March

Stock take results are out, and thankfully our variance was in the acceptable range. A big sigh of relief for everyone in my shop. Hopefully we don't need to have another one till 4 months down the road. Keeping fingers crossed real tight.

Just went to view my new home for the last time to check for any leaks/cracks/other defects before we sign the final papers on Wednesday. Can't wait for Wednesday so that we can finally start on our home renos proper.

Weighing my odds also on whether I should go back to school. Am toying with the idea of doing a MBA. Getting pretty tired out by my company's nonsense, coming out with "new ideas" that probably would only make us go further into the pile of dung. The profession is going nowhere either, despite the Society's best efforts to make it recognised. Both the husband and I feel so disillusioned by the total lack of prospects that it has for us. Job change might be another option to explore other areas of the profession, but there ain't much openings at present. Going back to school won't come cheap either, full-time or part-time. One of us still would have to work to ensure an income. Plus we have to finance our home. Will see how things go.

March comes to an end so quickly.

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