Sunday, April 01, 2007


Have decided to make a move from Blogger due to security insufficiencies. However, I will not shut down this site as it contains all my fond memories of the past 2 years. Instead, it will be up and available till Blogger decides to shut it down. I might consider shifting the posts over, just that it will take some time. Meanwhile, here's the link to my new blog:

Review: The Children of Men (DVD)



Science Fiction & Fantasy

A thought-provoking show, one that makes you wonder what will happen in our future if we humans continue to decrease procreation rates.

The year is 2027, and the human race has suddenly lost its ability to reproduce. The reason is not clear cut, it may be due to disease, or genetic changes. The world looks bleak, as it has been 18 years since the last human baby was born. Also, the fight for survival forces the government to capture all immigrants into the UK and send them off to refugee camps. Some never make it though.

Theo (Clive Owen) is suddenly approached by his former lover Julian (Julianne Moore) to help him with something secret. She is a notorious leader of a terrorist group, and she needs him to get papers to help send someone out of the country. Someone who has hope for the future, someone non-local, who is pregnant. 8 months pregnant. Julian needs Theo's help to smuggle this pregnant lady, Kee, out to the human project, and she cannot trust anyone else in her group. Can he make it?

Saturday, March 31, 2007

End of March

Stock take results are out, and thankfully our variance was in the acceptable range. A big sigh of relief for everyone in my shop. Hopefully we don't need to have another one till 4 months down the road. Keeping fingers crossed real tight.

Just went to view my new home for the last time to check for any leaks/cracks/other defects before we sign the final papers on Wednesday. Can't wait for Wednesday so that we can finally start on our home renos proper.

Weighing my odds also on whether I should go back to school. Am toying with the idea of doing a MBA. Getting pretty tired out by my company's nonsense, coming out with "new ideas" that probably would only make us go further into the pile of dung. The profession is going nowhere either, despite the Society's best efforts to make it recognised. Both the husband and I feel so disillusioned by the total lack of prospects that it has for us. Job change might be another option to explore other areas of the profession, but there ain't much openings at present. Going back to school won't come cheap either, full-time or part-time. One of us still would have to work to ensure an income. Plus we have to finance our home. Will see how things go.

March comes to an end so quickly.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Just back from a tedious stock take, which I finished surprisingly early, maybe due to a lack of a crowd towards the end of the day, allowing me to have a head-start in counting. Hopefully this time's results will be satisfactory; am keeping my fingers and toes crossed very tightly for this take's results.

Left my staff in the shop to finish up, really couldn't afford to stay coz I was already yawning away at 11pm! Came home to a grouchy and tired husband who is now snoozing away as I blog. Not the very best thing to be working opposite shifts as he worked the morning shift today. But at least, he did care enough to keep dinner for me. Well, better call it a night as tomorrow is verification day, plus I have to work another 12-hour shift again. Sheesh...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Finally... it's over!

Finally, my three days of 12-hour shift is over. It was sheer torture, considering those three days had not much of a crowd, and what I was more concerned about was checking that my stocks tallied with existing system's balance on hand (BOH). Pretty mind-boggling, checking both parent and child codes and calculating to find the exact BOH, while counting the tablets manually. Not that stock-take is really stressful, I usually breeze through it, just that this time round we are under extreme pressure to perform as it's a re-take since the last time we had a huge variance uncovered.

Moreover, I think, doing 12-hour shift isn't as easy as it used to be. To think once when I did the weekend scheme, there were several days when public holidays would fall consecutively with the weekend, and I was still able to pull through with not much fatique. I think it's age catching up with me. Plus, I guess the heavier responsibility on my shoulders now that I'm more senior and have to be an example to the rest. Haa... Can't sit around and kiow-kar (shake legs) like I used to, but instead must act busy all the time, going around doing stocks and stuff, helping out at the cashier, doing planogram changes. Plus with this CM, he has made life a living hell out of everyone, implementing impossible SOPs to follow, especially with the lack of staffing, which makes life all the more difficult. Have always had this thought at the back of my mind to move on to greener pastures, but somehow, I guess, deep inside me, this is the kind of job I like, interacting with the public and educating people on their health, despite a shitty management and ungrateful beings galore.

Well, enough complaints. Both the husband and I have more than enough complaints to fill the entire WWW up since we are in the same boat. Next up, another hurdle to cross, which is the upcoming stock-take on Monday night. After that two more 12-hour shift days, before I get a weekend rest. Just need to psycho myself that the OT money is contributing to the house. Haa...

Oh, which reminds me, I never updated on the house accessory shopping coz we didn't go! We had to postpone it coz my dad had some appointment to check his eyes, so my presence was required. Well, house accessory shopping will be postponed to next weekend, and I'll definitely bring my new cammy to take lots of photos! Hee... So looking forward to the fun.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Review: Idiocracy (DVD)


The movie begins with a voiceover about how less intelligent people were outbreeding the more intelligent people, indicating that future generations may be made up of less intelligent people.

Later, the army chooses this average army librarian, Joe (played by Luke Wilson), to take part in an experiment of hibernation together with another female, a prostitute named Rita (played by Maya Rudolph), for a year. The objective was to see if they could prolong the lifespan of humans through hibernation and in so doing, preserve the smarter people for future use when the need came. However the experiment went awry as the officer-in-charge was arrested, and the experiment was forgotten. 500 years later, both Joe and Rita were awakened from their slumber to find themselves in an entire new world of dumb people surrounding them.

The show is really hilarious, filled with loads of slapstick (and mostly vulgar) humour of almost any kind imaginable. Plus, the actors (other than Wilson and Rudolph) are really good at acting dumb: they walk moronically, and talk with the typical monotone of a dumb person. However, the vulgar comedy gets a little nauseous for my taste after a while, but I guess it's just because dumb people don't really know how to vary dumbness? Probably that's what they intended to put across.

Anyway, if you need to de-stress and don't mind vulgar comedy, you might wanna pick this one up to laugh your guts out. Coz after this show, you would really be able to put your troubles behind you and relax.

My new camera

Click me to view

I did it. Or rather my hubby did it. We bought the camera. We went down today to get it from Sim Lim. Turns out, the Canon Powershot SD800 IS is known under a different name in Sg. Rather, it is labeled as the Canon Digital Ixus 850 IS. We went to several places looking for it, and thought it wasn't available. Then at the last shop we went to, we asked for the latest Canon model, and were shown the Ixus, and then I realised it was the same as the manual had both names printed on it. Ha.

Anyway, the camera is super cool. The pixelation is terrific, at 7.1 megapixels. We played with it for a while, before purchasing it, and then we played some more. Hee... The husband fiddled around with it, while I read the manual for a bit. Then it was my turn to play.

Took it out for a walk when walking my dog, and took the opportunity to explore its different modes. The video above is the end result of the experimentation.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gadget geek

Ok, I have to admit, I'm a total gadget geek. Every now and then, I will have this sudden urge to get the latest gadget of some sort in the market.

Few months back, it was the mobile. Of course, I had the perfect excuse. My old mobile's keypad was giving problems and not responding very well to my input, plus I took more than 5 minutes to compose and send a SMS. Duh... Not only that, it was chipped at the most crucial area, the hinges (a flip phone). So... I gave in to temptation to get myself a Sony Ericsson K800i.

A year ago, the husband and I found ourselves having to fight over the one and only one desktop in the house. And... we are both internet addicts. When one was hogging the comp, the other had to find some other means to pass time. Very bad for the net addict. Solution: IT show was just round the corner, so we popped in to get a new laptop so that both of us could each feed our net addiction without having to suffer from withdrawal effects.

Before that was my HP pocket PC, which has now become a showpiece, placed in the corner of the study. Before the pocket PC, was the SE K800i's predecessor, the Z800. And the list goes on...

So what's my new target? Despite having a camera phone with the highest pixelation of all camera phones, the next gadget I'm eyeing is, that's right, a new digital camera. Reason, coz my old one (I only own one digital camera though) is an old SLR Canon Powershot G3, which is only 4MP, and pretty bulky. Why did I buy it? It was one of the best at that time, and at that moment, I was starting to get hooked on photography, so I thought it would be great to invest in something that not only could point-and-shoot, but allow me to fiddle with manual settings. Good idea, but never had the time to explore all options. Don't get me wrong, I'm still using it. In fact, my France photos were all taken with it, despite my dear old hubby complaining about the weight. And the photos did turn out pretty decent. So, it's not a white elephant. Just that, haiz, it's a little too big to fit into my handbag for me to bring around on special occasions. And even though the SE K800i shoots decent 3.2MP pics, the image can be a bit bad when lighting ain't good.

Ok... enough of the excuses. So what am I setting my sights on? The latest review from CNet says that the best ultracompact, 7MP camera, at the top of the editors' choice, is a Canon Powershot SD800 IS. And after reading all the reviews... I am inclined to go along the lines of the reviews. But first... I have to check out the pricing before jumping onto the bandwagon.

Oh... BTW, did I mention that it was going to be my birthday prezzie from the husband? hee...


Here are some different types of rudeness I encountered today:

1. People who totally are oblivious to you and don't even acknowledge your greeting or smile in even the simplest form, which is just a mere nod. Not only do they not acknowledge, when spoken to, they simply turn away and have their back facing towards you, or pretend to look through you as if you were invisible.

2. People who brush by others without a simple "Excuse me", and in the course of their action, cause others to lose their balance or hit something nearby.

3. People who rudely interrupt when others are in mid-conversation without an apology or saying "Excuse me". To top this off would be people who rudely interrupt others in mid-conversation and pushing one person away to get the other person's attention.

4. People who rudely hang up the phone without any indication that the conversation has ended, or worse, when you are in mid-sentence.

5. People who yell loudly over the phone thinking that they can't be heard, and when asked to lower their volume as their loudness is affecting the clarity of the conversation, they raise their volumes even more.

6. People who yell loudly into their mobiles, totally oblivious to the fact that everyone around them is able to hear the conversation loudly and clearly, and just disturbing the peace.

7. People who loudly play their MP3s on their mobiles while talking to someone, causing the receiving party to have difficulty in understanding what they are saying over the loud music.

8. People who walk in large groups, taking up the entire walking space, and yet strolling at snail's pace as if they were strolling in the park, totally oblivious to the human traffic jam they are causing (the human version of roadhogs).

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Home design/honeymoon vids

Met up with M today to look at the design/layout she had planned for our home. Must say I'm getting more impressed and delighted that we chose her. Of course, as we went along listening to her proposal, we had our own objections as to how certain things were preferred, and alterations to certain parts of the built-in furniture, but all in all, it really seemed as though she had read my mind as to how I wanted things to be done. Looking forward to meeting up with her again on Tuesday to go shopping for lights, bathroom accessories and the other necessities. Can't wait...

(Unfortunately can't post the designs coz the copies I got are all black and white. Sigh...)

Meanwhile, I've done up 6 vids of our honeymoon trip to France last year. I know, backdated. Haa, but better late than never. Here are the parts: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6